Works just as perfectly for kayaks and surfboards. Install or replace all lock cylinders on your Thule products and use the same key for all. The all-around stiff construction of this box makes it simple to close, click to latch, and remove the key. With stand-out scores across the board, it quickly became clear that the. Technical specs. $779.95 779.95 0 USD. The PowerClick mounts of the Motion XT were the easiest to install. Seeking information on compatibility of Tesla roof rack for 2019/20 Model S with glass roof with Thule Motion XT XL cargo box. Still not sure? make / manufacturer: Thule model name / number: Motion XT XL size / dimensions: XL. Since the height appears to be an issue for garage door clearance, the distance from the top of your crossbar to the top of the box is 12-1/4 inches. The Thule Force XT # TH6358B and the Thule Motion XT # TH629706 are nearly identical in every way. More than anything else, what blows the competition away was the Motion XT's excellence in every single category, leaving nothing to be desired. Snowboard Load Capacity: 27,648 cubic inches. Thule Motion XT XL ... Thule Motion XT is the perfect companion. Our Editors independently research, test, and rate the best products. The Motion XT has one of our favorite lids of any box we tested. The pull cord inside is a nice bonus for height-challenged users or drivers of larger-than-life vehicles, though our 5'4" tester didn't find it necessary on even her mid-sized van. We drove it through rain and windstorms, on the highway and dirt roads, and were always impressed by the Motion XT's nonchalant, unwavering acceptance of the elements. Compared to a U-bolt system or the Yakima cam system, Thule's PowerClick mounting system was by far our favorite. Expand your cargo carrying capacity with the Thule Motion XT XXL roof box. Thule Motion XT - Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. Grip-friendly outer handles and supporting lid-lifters ensure safe and smooth lid opening in all conditions. Thule Motion XT cargo box Review Usually when reviewing products, they are all pretty much the same. The Motion XT wins the esteemed Editors' Choice Award for its sleek design, excellent user-friendly details, and painless installation. Technical specs. It allows full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box, thanks to its forward position on the vehicle roof. Driving rains were never an issue as we drove this box through storms in the High Sierras and even the high-speed winds we encountered failed to shake or disrupt the Motion XT. Got feedback? We tested some handleless designs and found them to be useable, but it was hard to go back once we laid our hands on this box's big gray handle, we couldn't go back. Internal dimensions- 78.7 x 31.4 x 14.9 inches. Gear Capacity (cu. Stylish and versatile roof basket for bulky cargo. Motion XT XL Thule Cargo Box. The Thule Force XT XL is a solid all-around cargo carrier, offering comparable performance to some much pricier models. Running into your garage will, unfortunately, void the box's warranty. This family-sized roof box will safely carry all of your luggage, outdoor gear, and bulky loads wherever your travels lead. Compared to some of the other boxes in this review, the big handle of the Motion XT makes getting inside a breeze. The Motion XT was flawless. Have more cargo than your car can carry? It is rare that one particular model stands out head and shoulders above its competitors. We loved the handle on this box, making it possible to open and close with one handle. A pre-installed Power click mount system allows easy mounting and an integrated torque indicator clicks when properly mounted. From camping gear to luggage and everything in between, rely on the Thule Motion XT cargo box to ease the journey. We even felt that it looked out of place on our tester's old car! Leagues easier to use than any other box in our review, you will find your investment solidified the moment you have to put the box on your roof. Gear Capacity (L) 500. The Motion XT is stylish and spacious. For the Thule Motion XT Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box - 16 cu ft - Black # TH629706 the interior dimensions are 84-1/2" long x 33" wide x 11-1/4" tall. Reproduction without permission is prohibited. Ski Load Capacity: 5 - 7 pairs. 0. Box Opening: Dual Side. Best Use: Travel. These fittings also make it easier to fit boxes to unusual shaped manufacturers’ “own brand” bars, but these bars must be symmetrical in shape for the Power Clicks to work properly. Despite its high price tag, we fully support the claim that you get what you pay for with the Motion XT. The sturdy lid contributes to its security, and we were never able to knock this box off its track, making it one of the easiest boxes in our test to keep secure. Thule-Motion Xt Xl quantity. I’m looking to purchase the Tesla roof rack. We only make money if you purchase a product through our links, and we never accept free products from manufacturers. /en-us/cargo-carrier/car-top-carrier/thule-force-xt-xl-_-635801, Thule_Force_XT-EMEA_APAC_635100_635200_635500_635600_635700_635800_v02.pdf, Thule_Force_XT-Americas_6356B_6357B_6358B_6359B_v02.pdf, Thule_Internal_Dimensions_Cargo_Box_Measuring_Guide-EMEA_APAC.pdf, Thule_Cargo_Box_Accessory_Compatibility_Matrix-EMEA_APAC.pdf, Thule_Fit_Guide-Strollers_in_Cargo_Carriers-EMEA_APAC.pdf. We were impressed by all the details of this product, from the solid hinges and handle to the thick, unyielding material. : Maximum space efficiency across a wide range of vehicle fits, Easy to mount thanks to the PowerClick quick-mount system. On the outside it’s 74.75” long, 24.75” wide and 16.75” high, on inside – 70.5” long, 20.5” wide and 14.75” high. Garrett Davis-January 7, 2020. While it does top the price charts as the most expensive product in our review, we wholeheartedly believe that you get what you pay for with the Motion XT, especially compared to the similarly pr… The Thule Motion XT XL part # TH629707 can fit your 2018 Jeep Compass but you will need to install a set of crossbars first as your vehicle would have only came with flush side rails. As one of only two boxes in our review with color options, we awarded it a bonus point for its ability to appeal to more buyers, regardless of their color preference. so we were never stuck wondering why the box wouldn't latch while struggling furiously to remove the key. By. It is impossible to remove the key unless the box is latched properly, so there's no way to lock the keys in the box or accidentally drive away with an unlocked box, unless, of course, you forgot to close it entirely- but we can't help you there! If you plan on mounting the box once and not removing it for months (or years), however, you may find the price point of some budget models a little easier to swallow, though be prepared for a significant drop in performance. All trademarks property of their respective owners Be the first to review “Thule-Motion Xt Xl” Cancel reply. If you plan on regularly removing and re-mounting this box, whether to accommodate your small parking garage or to uphold your in-town style requirements, you will be undoubtedly thankful you chose a Thule if for no other reason than this one. Best Use: Travel. ... like the Yakima SkyBox or the Thule Motion XT. We loved the Motion XT's favorable handles and easy-to-read locking indicators. The Thule Motion XT XL 6628 Rooftop Cargo Box has an optimized design for the best space efficiency, aerodynamics, and vehicle fit. There are some skull shadows painted onto the box. 31,104. Fits roof box directly into the T-track of the load carrier bar. We love Thule's mounting system, and the stiff lid, large handle, and bonus pull cord make this box the easiest to use of any in our review. Please try again later. We barely had to glance at the instructions to understand their attachment, and compared to some of the other box's assembly requirements, this one had us laughing with its incredible straightforwardness. Complete four-pack of bags for organizing the roof box load. View warranty details Accessories for Thule Motion XT L 859002. Let us know! Luckily, your choice of the Motion XT over, another product is a whole lot more than just easy-to-use mounts. Thule Motion XT XL US. The sturdy lid of the Motion XT holds up to a springtime wind storm in Bishop, California. We think it looks like a high-end cargo box, which it is. Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. Click here to view our full range of roof boxes. Gear Capacity (L) 453 liters. in.) The Tesla photos show … Here at OutdoorGearLab, we don't let price interfere with our search for the very best product on the market. We bought the 8... How to Choose the Right Cargo Box for Your Vehicle. Privacy | Cookies | Terms, The world's most in-depth and scientific reviews of gear, An excellent, high-end cargo box that excels in every category. Skip to content. Could not signup to newsletter. The perfect bag for organizing the roof box load. > Thule Motion XT XL gloss black roof box no. About Thule. The front clearance measurement will tell you if the box will allow your rear hatch to work properly with the box installed. QR Code Link to This Post. We're not sure if it's really necessary, but we appreciate the straightforward nature of this box's latching design. No aspect of this box gave us pause when considering its longevity, and we feel convinced that this box would last a lifetime. It is easy to install, has plenty of space for many pairs of skis, and its components are impressively durable. If you are looking for a rooftop cargo box, the Motion XT will probably tick all your boxes. We gave it bonus points for style, loving its two color choices and shiny finish, and were impressed with the new red locking indicator which gave us confidence that our beloved possessions were always secured. For durability, we looked at both weather resistance and construction materials. We opened and closed this box countless times, shoving our skis and packs and camping gear in and out and trying to push its limits. Thule Cargo Box Comparison Guide. The quick mount system and dual-side opening for quick access make this car roof top carrier incredibly easy to use. While most every box in this review requires two people to install, this one hardly did; we couldn't believe how easy it was to simply twist open the clamps, lift the box on top of the car, slide the clamps to fit the cross-bars, and then twist them until they click. Material on GearLab is copyrighted. Be sure to measure the total height of the vehicle with the Thule Motion XT XL Black Cargo Box installed, and keep that information handy (on the inside of your sun visor is a great place). Gear Capacity (cu. We tested the gray version of this box and felt sleek driving around town with this glossy model. Finally, we appreciated that the handle was ergonomic without detracting from the box's sleek design and thought that the details were thoughtfully calculated. Regardless, it took us less than two minutes to install the clamps, as they easily click right into their slots. Its incredibly sturdy construction made it easy to open with one hand, making it much easier to load big items like skis or heavy packs into the box while it was mounted on the tester's mid-sized van, high above her head. When you click on links to buy products we may earn money to support, Easiest to install, ergonomic handle, sleek design. We realize that people will have different personal style preferences, but we thought there were some clear winners (and losers) in this category. I’ve purchased a new glass roof Model S that will be delivered in a week. While there was only one box in this review that made us nervous about the safety of our belongings, this category was designed to look at everything concerning the security system. Of course, we wouldn't want you to trust the life of your electronics to us, and since the manufacturer doesn't want to claim complete waterproofness, we still recommend you protect your valuables. Originally $779.95 for a new one. Thule is dedicated to providing exceptional products that are quality tested and guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. We loved the simple classiness of the Motion XT and awarded it bonus points for being available in two colors. Internal Straps: Yes. Once the clamps were attached to the box, it took us less than five minutes to have the box mounted on the car. Ski Load Capacity: 5 - 7 pairs. Add to cart. The integrated torque indicator clicks when it’s properly mounted, ensuring fast and secure fitting, Comfortable to open and close thanks to the LockKnob that also helps to prevent damage to the Thule Comfort Key, DualSide opening provides easy access to all areas of the box, from either side of the vehicle, Full trunk access with minimal risk of contact with the cargo box, thanks to its forward position on the vehicle roof. The latching system has a loud, satisfying click when the box is latched. The Thule Hyper XL demonstrated exceptional ease of use in each of these tests. We shop for cars based on style, so why wouldn't we evaluate their accessories the same way? The Thule Motion XT cargo box is one of those products though. Additional information Reviews (0) Additional information. Photo: David Wise ... having a slightly lower profile than the Motion … Thule Motion XT XL roof box holds 5 - 7 pairs of skis or 3 - 5 snowboards ; Made in USA. 629801. Some more expensive boxes feature better handles and more aerodynamic designs, but the Force has plenty to offer without any frills. The Motion XT is also available in black. We were surprised to find that the mounts of the Motion XT did not come attached to the box, though we imagine this might be to protect them during shipping. While most of our "long and lean" cargo boxes shared the same general shape, we like the sleek look of the Motion XT and appreciate its tapered rear end to limit trunk door interference. From its sturdy lid and ergonomic handle to its superior mounting system, we couldn't improve this box if we tried. While a couple of boxes in our test performed similarly in this category, the Motion XT has tons of great features and is exceptionally easy to install. The Motion XT scored high marks in this metric due to its unique SlideLock mechanism which was tied for our favorite locking system. View all Thule Roof Rack Boxes . Snowboard Load Capacity: 3 - 5. Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. - Thule Force XT (22 cu ft) # TH6359B: Between 23-5/8" and 37-1/2" Additionally, the Quick-Grip mounting clamps only take up a very small amount of space under the bars, as you can see on the accompanying photo of the clamps on very low-profile crossbars on an '18 Pathfinder. We opened and closed these boxes dozens of times, trying to knock them off their tracks to see if there was any way they could be accidentally closed but not latched properly. Thule is dedicated to providing exceptional products that are quality tested and guaranteed against defects in materials and workmanship. View all Thule Roof Rack Boxes . Thule is so confident in their boxes that they come with a lifetime warranty. Model number While there are minuscule holes in the bottom of the box due to the customizable latching system, we feel confident that this box is just about as waterproof as they come, unless you, say, sprayed a hose directly into one of these tiny holes. Weight: 1.0000 oz: Dimensions: 0.0000 × 0.0000 × 0.0000 in: Color: TITAN. SKU: MOTION XT XL Categories: Luggage Boxes, Thule. This box does open from both sides, which we found to be exceptionally more convenient and useful than the single-side or rear-opening roof boxes. Robust yet stylish roof basket for gear of all shapes and sizes. Dimensions and weight Thule Force XT L weighs 32 pounds. If you drive an SUV or van, probably not. This box is one of the sleekest and most stylish out of the entire group. GearLab is reader-supported. About Thule. ROOFTOP CARGO CARRIER Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. External dimensions: 82.75 x 33.75 x 17.25 in: Internal dimensions: 77.5 x 29.5 x 15.25 in: Height off crossbar: 16.1 in: Load capacity: 165 lb: Mounting system: PowerClick : Weight: ... Thule Motion XT XL. This is an older model of this cargo box. Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box The Thule Motion XT XL Roof Box is a stylish and spacious roof mounted cargo box. With stand-out scores across the board, it quickly became clear that the Thule Motion XT was our obvious Editors' Choice Award winner. Thule does confirm the fit of their Motion XT Rooftop Cargo Box - 16 cu ft # TH629706, the Motion XT Alpine Rooftop Cargo Box - 16 cu ft # TH629506, and the Hyper XL Rooftop Cargo Box - 17 cu ft - Two-Tone # TH612 with your vehicle, but again that doesn't account for … The Motion XT stuffed to the brim for a ski and climb trip to Mount Whitney. Get the extra height you need to load and unload your gear with the Step-Up™ Wheel Step. The Motion XT was our clear Editors' Choice winner, with the perfect combination of every quality we evaluated. While adventuring around and testing our fleet, cargo... the world's most carefully tested and objective gear reviews, Great handle, cool appearance, less expensive, Simple installation, sleek matte finish, great shape for skis, Relatively inexpensive, easy to attach, convenient to use, Won’t fit longer skis, longer crossbar spans can be problematic for install, Expensive, frustrating installation, hard to open and close, This box is a stand-out product that scored high marks in every category, With an excellent user-friendliness score, the SkyBox is a great value for a mid-ranged cargo box, With plenty of space and a user-friendly design, the Force XT XL is a great cargo box for a variety of users, If you are trying to maximize bang for the buck and aren’t typically transporting longer skis and gear, we highly recommend this rooftop cargo carrier, This box's sleek look is outweighed by its high price tag and frustrating mounting and opening systems. Thule Motion XT XL roof box holds 5 - 7 pairs of skis or 3 - 5 snowboards ; Made in USA. Thule Motion XT - L Thule Motion XT - XL Thule Motion XT - XXL Volume 16 cu ft 18 cu ft 22 cu ft Dimensions 77" x 36" x 17" 84.5" x 36" x 17" 91.5" x 37.5" x 18" Load Capacity 165 lbs 165 lbs 165 lbs Product Weight 42 lbs 46 lbs 55 lbs Load Capacity Skis 5-7 5-7 5-7 Load Capacity Snowboards 3-5 3-5 3-5 Max length of skis 175 cm 200 cm 215 cm How can we improve GearLab? Reviews There are no reviews yet. The Motion XT received top marks in this metric — responsible for 40% of its overall score — and with good reason. Additionally, the SlideLock handle shows a red strip when not latched and is one of the only boxes in our review with this feature. Versatile roof-mounted cargo box for everyday use. Stylish and spacious roof-mounted cargo box, optimized for ease of use. The Thule Motion XT XL, part # TH629806 does have compatible clamps for your factory bars, but you'll want to take a quick measurement to confirm the fit of the Thule Motion XT XL on your 2014 Audi Q5. Box Opening: Dual Side. The perfect way to store a roofbox. It has an aerodynamic design with a quick-mount system that ensures fast and secure fitting. The classy Motion XT is ready for any adventure. in.) ... maximum dimensions 90mm wide by 30mm deep - they fit all the bars we sell.

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